NEHO personalized care in a private and comfortable setting for cancers such as breast, prostate, lung, colorectal and gynecological malignancies
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Effective October 1, 2016; New England Hematology Oncology Associates (NEHO) will be closing.  Newton-Wellesley Hospital has decided not to renew our contract to continue to provide Medical Oncology Services to the hospital community. Effective October 1, the Vernon Cancer Center will be operated by Newton-Wellesley Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital.
For the last 35 years, the physicians and staff of NEHO have prided ourselves on providing personalized and exceptional patient care. We are extremely proud of the success of New England Hematology Oncology Associates. We built and sustained a thriving community hematology oncology practice and will cherish the years we spent providing care to an exceptional and inspiring patient population here at NWH.

We are excited to inform you that Drs. Wisch, Block and Schumer will be joining the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI). Dr. Schumer will be seeing patients at the main campus in Boston and Drs. Wisch and Block will be seeing patients at the main campus as well as at St. Elizabeth’s in Brighton.   Dr. Wisch will be focusing on GI malignancies as well as continuing to care for any established patients that choose to follow him to DFCI. Dr. Block will be focusing on Breast Oncology and Dr. Schumer will focus on Breast and GYN Oncology in addition to caring for their established patients.  After October 1, you can reach Dr. Wisch, Block and Schumer at the following numbers:

Dr. Jeffrey Wisch, 617-632-5019
Dr. Caroline Block, 617-632-4595
Dr. Susan Schumer, 617-632-3857

Drs. Revati Rao, Chrissy Kournioti and Omar Nadeem, currently practicing at NEHO will continue to care for patients here at Newton-Wellesley Hospital following the transition. After October 1, they can be reached at 617- 219-1230.
Dr. Barbara Healey has made the decision to retire from practice effective October 1, 2016. It has been great privilege to have practiced with Barbara for the last seven years at NEHO. Barbara has been a mentor and friend to many. She is an outstanding clinician with compassion being the cornerstone of her practice. We thank Barbara for her outstanding contributions to NEHO and the NWH Medical Staff. We wish her all the best in her retirement.

Our mailing address for business correspondence as of October 1, 2016 will be:

160 Federal Street, 9th Floor
Boston, MA 02110
Attention: John Foley

For information about obtaining medical records, please contact the Medical Records Department at Newton-Wellesley Hospital at 617-243-6236.